Final - 01/09/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 45 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 500 carp
  • Biggest Fish Common 43lb+ Mirror 48lb+
  • Features Numerous
  • Telephone 0207 5340540
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By the 1980s and 1990s, W1 was gaining a legendary status for its big carp, serving up a succession of beasts weighing anything from the 40 mark to a massive 56lb+. W1-Wraysbury Nature Reserve is one of Britain’s most historic carp fisheries. Nestled near the village of Wraysbury in Surrey, the crystal waters of its lake provide a dream environment for superb colonies of common and mirror carp. W1’s glittering history suggests big rewards for your time and patience. Since the 1960’s, the water has seen many a record-breaking carp landed. Most celebrated was the 1996 capture of long-term resident Mary at a whopping British record of 56lb 6oz. Along with other iconic specimens such as Mallins and King Fungus, monster Mary is indelibly linked with this magical water – turning it from a lake into the stuff of angling legend. W1 has over 10 different 40+ Ib fish including ‘King Fungus’ at a whopping 47+ Ib. Is the best still to come?

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Post Match Report


The BCAC Bus rolled onto the Wraysbury complex for the 2017 Final. With the plush surroundings and one of the most iconic carp fishing lakes in the country for the anglers to put their skills to the test on, it certainly is an apt venue for this prestigious competition.

The Draw process for this years final was different from last year, and would take the form of an Out Of The Bag draw, where anglers pull the peg they are fishing out of the pot, just like in traditional match fishing.

This makes the whole draw process much less stressful and as a result relaxes the atmosphere at the start considerably.

Because of the nature of Wraysbury North Lake it is very difficult to predict what would be the flying pegs on any given day, so after the draw the anglers made their way to their pegs to see what hand the Carp Gods had dealt them.

It was only an hour before the Trakker Cygnet pair of Adam Reed and Mick Hinson got their hands on a Wraysbury stunner at 23lb 2oz. Interestingly it was the same peg last year “Sunnymeads” that produced the first fish.

Next off the mark were reigning champions Kev Hewitt and Mark Bartlett in peg 16 with a 20lb 11oz mirror.

With the early commotion around the lake on day one the fish often take cover and this appeared to be the case, as the only other pairs to get off the mark were fishing towards cigar island, in pegs 4 and 5.

The first fish to CarpTalk pair of Luke Church and Kevin Grout in peg 5, the “Lawns”, was the first of some very special fish to grace the bank. 35lb 15oz of Redmire Common, what a creature!

By the end of day one they had put two more fish onto the bank giving them the lead overnight. Next door to them also fishing to the island in peg 4 Len Seward and Toby Simpson got themselves off the mark, but this would unfortunately be the end of their action for the weekend.

Overnight saw the fish moving so by Saturday morning 7 pairs had got themselves onto the leader board. Rob Burgess and Mark Cavaciuti and Kevin Clarke and Steven Sherwood had both got themselves off the mark with a fish a piece.

While in the unfancied peg 14 Ryan Need and Wayne Mansford had landed two fish to push them into third place ahead of Adam and Mick in peg 6 who had added another fish to their tally.

It was Kev and Mark in peg 16 who produced the second truly special fish of the match. Having banked a low 20 over night at 7.30 the “Long Sutton” rolled over the net cord, tipping the scale at 42lb 8oz, and pushing them into the lead.

The day was relatively quiet for most as the sun rose high however a few fish were seen. Ed McDermott and Chris Thompson in peg 2 and local pair of David Colclough and Andy Lennon both opened their accounts for the weekend. But again it was reigning champs Mark and Kev who produced a special fish. “Not Mikes Pet” went to an impressive 39lb 11oz extending their lead to 100lb. But as this was the last fish they would see for nearly 24hrs it was to become very nerve racking for them.

As we headed into the last night one more fish for Kev and Luke in peg 5 saw them 90lb off the lead but hard on their heels, only 11ounces behind, were Wayne and Ryan in peg 14. They had managed to close the gap so much by virtue of their 4th fish and our 4th “Original” of the match, the “Unknown” at 35lb 1oz.

Overnight Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp managed to winkle out a lovely 25lb Mirror to at least get them on the board.

By the time we were approaching the last couple of hours of the match Kev and Luke in 5 had banked another small carp to secure them a third place finish.

Wayne and Ryan had really got things rocking, jumping into second and eating into that 100lb lead, getting it down to 30lb!

Then the fish showed up in front of Mark and Kev in 16 and these two heavy weight pairs went blow for blow over the last 2 hrs both banking two fish each.

It was the slightly larger stamp of fish to Mark and Kev that counted in the end with both pairs catching 8 fish but that was enough to give these two great anglers Back To Back titles!