Eliminator - 16/06/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 26acre
  • Type of Lake Day Tickets
  • Fish Stock 1,800+
  • Biggest Fish 52lb 14oz
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One of Linear\’s gems – never underestimate this stunning carp lake
The 26 acre Oxlease Lake is situated off the B4449 as you approach the main ticket complex from Oxford just beyond the West Oxfordshire Sailing Club Lake; it is well sign-posted.

Linear believes that with the stocking they have carried out the water now holds over 1,800 carp and it is planned to introduce even more in 2016. We believe that there are now at least sixty, probably more, different 30 pound fish present along with a healthy number of twenties and doubles. The new lake record for a mirror carp is 44.04 and for a common it is 52.14, both caught in 2015. Oxlease could potentially have more thirties and forties present than St. Johns and Manor combined in a few years time!

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Post Match Report

With the Temperature rising it was looking likely we weren’t going to see too many fish. After the draw the competitors made their way to their swims to start setting up and for the majority it was time to start preparing the zigs.

As we thought it would be, it was a slow start to the competition with only 3 fish coming out on the first day. First off the mark at 1:30pm was late entrants Colin Hutt & Darren Piggott in peg 10 with a modest 13lb 13oz Common. About 2 hours later peg 13 Gareth Evans & Simon Buckman got themselves on the board with a 14lb 03oz Mirror and this was only the start for them. And then at 5:00pm Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp in peg 2 hauled out a Stunning Oxlease Original weighing in at 31lb 10oz.

As the sun was just starting to show its face the fish decided to play ball and between 3:00am and 9:00am Saturday morning a total of 15 fish were banked. 3 to Peg 7 Ryan Mullins & Jonathan Stuart, one of which was a tasty 31lb 10oz. 6 to peg 6 Josh & Martin Bennett. 3 to peg 5 James & Elliot Sheerin. 1 to pegs 3, 8 and 12.

As the sun came up so did the heat, all the way up to 27’C which is great for catching a tan but not so great for catching fish. Only 5 fish came out during the day; 2 to Kia and Jack in peg 2, 2 to Karl Palmer and Callum Gutteridge in peg 12 opposite and 1 to Steve Jezoirek and Mark Pitcher in peg 8 on the other end of the lake. The evening brought another few onto the bank; 2 to Kia & Jack and another to Steve & Mark, and the night was brought to a close in style as peg 13 Gareth & Simon net the biggest fish of the weekend weighing in at a lovely 35lb 14oz.

Sunday, to no surprise, was another early start with 28 fish coming out between 4:00am and 9:00am all over the lake. Father and son duo in peg 6 weighed in another 5 fish which would secure them 1st place, Kia & Jack bagged up an additional 6 fish landing them nicely in 2nd place but the battle was still on for 3rd.

At 9:00am Gareth & Simon where in 3rd with 149lb 14oz but only 4lb 6oz behind them was Karl & Cal and as the hours ticked by it was looking promising for them, however this was all about to change. At 11:30am I get the phone call from Karl & Cal to say they have one in the net, this 17lb 9oz Mirror changed the score board with 30 minutes to go and landed the DNA boys in 3rd place.