Semi - 28/07/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 34 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock huge head of fish, estimated to be 10-15 30lb+ fish in the waters
  • Biggest Fish 40lb 12oz
  • Features numerous
  • Telephone 07885 327708
  • Visit Venue Website

Linear began the carp stocking of this water in 2005 and with the latest stocking from our own ponds we now estimate the carp stock to be over 1,800 fish. A high percentage of the fish stocked have been commons, fully scaled and linear scaled all of which are maturing rapidly and already Brasenose Two is starting to rival its sister lake Brasenose One as a runs-water. In recent years many more anglers began to enjoy some remarkable multiple captures and a high percentage of these fish included twenties.

Records now stand at 40.12lb for a mirror, 27lb for a common and 26.08llb for a ghost carp.


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Post Match Report

Brasenose 2

Although B2 produced its first fish at 1pm the afternoon and evening saw a steady number being landed across the lake.

Friday evening’s leaderboard gave us all a slight indication of how close the match would be on this lake and wow did it end up being a close match.

Peg 14 Adam Reed & Mick Hinson took 1st place with 67lbs 05oz. Peg 8 Karl Palmer & Callum Gutteridge held 2nd place with 50lb 2oz. 3rd place was peg 2 Bryan Houghton & John Picking on 28lbs 2oz and 4th was Lewis Swift and Jack Meyer on peg 1 with 24lb 11oz.

With literally a lb or 2 between 5th – 9th place there was all to play for.

Saturday proved to be a very busy day on B2 with Adam & Mick landing another 13 fish to match Peg 13 Andrew Collier & Harry Pardoe’s 13 fish .  Jack & Lewis, Bryan & John both added another 7 fish each to their tally. Karl & Callum bagged themselves another 11 fish and father and son team Josh & Martin Bennett on Peg 5 landing another 12 fish.  Peg 3 Kia Sanger & Jack Stamp (Team CarpTalk) bagged themselves 9 fish throughout the day.

Facebook updates throughout the day were nearly impossible with fish appearing everywhere.  By Saturday evening the top four places on the leaderboard had changed with Adam & Mick dropping to 2nd place with 251lb 15oz, Karl & Cal dropping to 4th on  210lb 5oz.   Josh & Martin Benett were now in 1st with 258lb 13oz and Peg 13 Andrew Collier & Harry Pardoe had taken 3rd place with 247lb 7oz.

Once again the difference in weights between all positions on the leaderboard was just a few lbs and as we headed into the early hours of Sunday we knew it would be busy and exciting.

As anticipated B2 continued to produce a plentiful amount of stunning fish.  With such a close run competition tension around the lake was massive.

The competitors worked hard right up until the midday hooter and with the shout of “fish on” as the hooter sounded and still a number of fish to weigh in it was a good half hour after the end before we knew which pairs had secured their places at the finals.

As the Competitors gathered round for the presentations we finally managed to get the leaderboard displayed with 1st place going to Peg 14 Adam Reed & Mick Hinsen with 36 fish at 588lb 13oz.  2nd place went to Peg 3 Kia Sanger & Jack Stamp (Team CarpTalk) with 26 fish at 444lbs 7oz.  3rd place was secured by Peg 5 Josh Bennett & Martin Bennett with 20 fish on 382lb 4oz and 4th place went to Peg 1 Lewis Swift & Jack Meyer with 21 fish at 374lbs.


Congratulations to all our finalists and looking forward to our event at Wraysbury.