Eliminator - 21/04/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 10acre
  • Type of Lake Day Tickets
  • Biggest Fish 41lb
  • Features Lilies, a wide channel, bars, gullies and weed beds
  • Telephone 07792731170
  • Visit Venue Website

Ladywood Lake Fishery has two lakes. The specimen lake covers 10 acres; the gravel was extracted up to 2003 and filled with water in 2004. The lake remained empty of fish until 2010. We now boast over 700 Carp. There will be a further stocking this winter (2011/12) including Commons and Mirrors over 30lb’s. Ladywood Lakes impressive stocking as at 2015 stands on top weight with over 40-20?s, 5-30?s & the jewel in the crown Lady Kamara at an impressive 41lb !

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Post Match Report

Ladywood Lakes


With only half the field full there was plenty of room for all the anglers on the picturesque Ladywood specimen lake. Plenty of fish were showing during the watercraft draw and it was no surprise when the 3 pegs in the deep bowl end went first.


The match was a couple of hrs old when the first fish graced the net. Mckenna & Williams fishing peg 4 struck first with a lovely scaley Mirror weighing 19lb 10oz. Hot on there heels was peg 5\’s Holliday & Goodall with a fish of 11lb. Peg 3\’s Carpmail & Bury were in hot pursuit and went into an early second place with a Mirror of 15lb.


The action slowed and it wasn\’t until the Saturday morning before any more fish hit the bank. Holliday & Goodall, Mckenna & Williams and peg 6 Jason Trought & Darren Wilcox were all sat on 2 fish a peice. It was looking like that these 3 pairs may pull away with it.


A tricky little water with depths upto 30ft in places proved difficult to present a bait where the fish would take confidently. Holliday & Goodall persisted all Saturday with zigs and fished slop over the top. They were rewarded with 6 fish throughout the afternoon and put them clearly into the lead on over 100lb.


As the sunset it was only Holliday & Goodall who had any action during the day. Peg 1\’s Reynolds & Johnson who were fishing a small intimate bay had been quietly fishing spots and patiently sat on their hands. Their patience was rewarded as the sunset with a quick trio of fish. The highlight being a 23lb 14oz Common. A peg known for doing the bigger fish and the Common was backed up with a 19lb & 10lb Mirror\’s. This trio of fish had seen them elevated into 2nd place on 54lb, pushing Mckenna & Williams into 3rd on 32lb.


The night was quiet with no further action. As the sun rose it was clear that there was still a number of pairs in contention for the last qualifying spot. Trought & Wilcox were in 4th on 18lb 09oz and Carpmail & Bury were in 5th still on 15lb. A last minute fish could potentially upset the apple cart. Try as they might the fish had shut up shop and no more fish graced the banked.


  1. Holliday & Goodall 102-01
  2. Reynolds & Johnson 54-00
  3. Mckenna & Williams 32-00