Eliminator - 19/05/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 18 acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Fish Stock Large head of doubles and 20s
  • Biggest Fish 45lb +
  • Features sland, snags,margins
  • Telephone 0208 8081527

Its a real pleasure to have the Stow 2 & 3 in this years schedule as its produced a number of cracking fish including the competition record fish of 45lb 7oz!

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Post Match Report

Walthamstow 2 /3 Report

With fish being seen in both lake 2 and 3 it was hopped that the lakes would produce some of its stunning residents for the camera.

The draw went reasonably predictably with first out Reed and Hinson taking “Tea Party 2” our peg 3 and second out Sallis and Baynon going for “The Boom” peg 6 where fish had been seen in numbers that morning. The third pair out, Ratcliffe and West plumped for peg 1, where some of the lakes biggest fish are known to live.

The last two pairs out of the draw, unsurprisingly, took pegs in the unfancied open water of the 2. But as the match progressed it would appear the dredging of this area last year may have changed fish behaviour here.

Predictably on a lake like The 2/3 the start was slow and it wasn’t until 6pm that the Marshalls got their first call, Peg 3, Trakkers Adan Reed and Mick Hinson landed a 22lb 150z Stow Stunner. Two fish to Rod Tough and Matt Jones, from the unfancied peg 7, overnight on Friday put them on the leader board.

Will Oflynn and Mark Johnson in peg 9 also got themselves off the mark with a17lb Common.

It was the early hours of Saturday morning   that saw something really quite special. Reed and Hinson had bagged another small fish when we got a call from Ratcliffe and West in peg 1 that they had a “Lump”.

Sure enough The Big Common had yet again graced the bank during a BCAC Match, for the 4th time! This time coming in at an impressive 43lb 10oz. Unsurprisingly a new UK PB for Zac West.

Saturday morning saw two more pairs get off the mark, with the fish returning to peg 6 Sallis and Baynon bagged a 24lb mirror and Carpmail and Bury in peg 6 getting off the mark with a 24lb Mirror.

By Saturday evening we had seen several fish caught across the lake, the highlight being a 29lb 15oz Mirror to Reed and Hinson. Even Adams jiggling of the weigh sling on the scales couldn’t make the Reubens go over 30lb!

The biggest change on the leader board was two more fish to peg 6, Sallis and Banynon, that propelled them into the lead with Carpmail and Bury hard on the heels of big fish captors Ratcliffe and West who had now dropped to 3rd. It was set to be a tense last night.

During the last night Dan Moorecroft and Colin Gray got themselves off the mark with 28lb 12oz Mirror  and Reed and Hinson bagged yet another 20lber to jump them to first spot.

The major change of the night came when Carpmail and Bury landed yet another 20lber to propel them to second place pushing Ratcliffe and West out of automatic qualification. They will however now be leading the “Wildcard” spot for the biggest non qualifying fish which will be hard to beat.


Walthamstow 2 Qualifiers

Adanm Reed & Mick Hinson                        87lb 4oz

Jaye Carpmail & Simon Bury                        73lb 11oz

Joe Salis & Gaz Baynon                                  67lb