Semi - 07/07/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 32 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock large head of carp, estimated at least 40 30lb+ fish in the water
  • Biggest Fish 42lb
  • Telephone 07885 327708
  • Visit Venue Website

With a big 32 acres of water to fish this long, open, reed fringed lake has become very popular as a day ticket water and like all our other waters there is no limit to the time an angler can stay.

We now believe that the water holds at least 30 different mirrors in excess of thirty pounds. The biggest of these has been caught at 42lb and is the lake record. Weights on the water continue to rise and multiple catches are commonplace. We at Linear are confident that the water, under our careful management, will become even more popular in the future. The large head of carp this water contains continues to produce some stunning results with at least 45% of its estimated 1,900 stock believed to weigh in excess of twenty pounds and a majority of the remainder now being upper doubles, Brasenose One continues to provide great sport for the visiting angler.

There are tracks around most of the lake and parking in many places is within easy walking distance of most swims.


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Post Match Report

All this years BCAC semi-finals are being held at Linear on Fisheries Brasenose 1 and 2. Both are great Carp Match lakes as they can throw up big hits of fish that can change things around dramatically at any stage of the match.

With 290 fish caught, giving over 5200lb during the weekend both lakes certainly lived up to their reputation.

Draw time at matches is always a tense affair, as although matches can’t be won in the carp park they can certainly be lost, and with places in the 2017 Final at stake you could cut the tension with a knife as 9am approached.

With introductions made, rules highlighted, sponsors thanked and queries answered, anglers were split into two groups so that the draws could be carried out separately.

Brasenose One

Habitual semi-finalists Ricky and Billy Dummer were first out and chose to head for the shallows, peg 7, where the fish were stacked up in numbers. The second peg to go was the much favoured “point” swim, peg 9, where Daniel Abbasian and Steven Hackers fancied their chances. Third out were Bob Anderson and Adam Highley who also headed for the shallows, peg 8, opposite the Dummers.

As the match progressed it would turn out that only one of these pegs would get themselves into the mix.

Reigning Champions Mark Barlett and Kevin Hewitt had a reasonable draw, 5th out, and plumped for the swim they fished in the semis last year, peg 13.

With the sun high and the commotion of the start of the match, the lake fished slowly on the first day with only 2 pairs really getting going. In peg 7, Steve Blow and Jack Funnel had a good afternoon and evening, banking 6 fish for 105lb with Bob Anderson and Adam Highley on the otherside of the lake in peg 8 had 3 fish for 71lb. In peg 11 Sean Dulson and Lee Simms also got off the mark with their first fish of the match at 23lb.

In usual B1 fashion it was a quiet night but as soon as the sun came up the bite alarms started sounding.

By 9am Steve and Jack in 6 had got themselves an 80lb cushion in first, Chris Holmes and Neil Rivers in peg 5 had got into the fight with 5 fish putting them third and Sean and Lee in peg 11 had another to put them in third.

By lunchtime the fish had got on the move and some typical B1 hits were appearing that shuffled it all up. Mark and Kevin in 13 had jumped into the lead with 11 fish to over 200lb, Steve and Jack in 6 were now in second.
It was early afternoon when the first of the really big hits of fish occurred. The fish had returned in numbers to the shallows in front of peg 8 and Bob and Adam took full advantage. By 10pm on Saturday evening when the light failed and their backs were shot to bits they had banked 23 fish for 516lb! All off the top, including a double take that resulted in a 29lb 12oz and a 32lb 9oz.

This gave team a very commanding 636lb of fish caught which would be enough to see them through to the Final.

As we headed into the second night with just over 120lb separating Steve and Jack in 2nd place and David Colclough and Andy Lennon in 7th place it was set to be and exciting last 12 hours.

The big movers overnight were Sean and Lee in peg 11 who landed 9 fish to bump them into second place.

The last few hours of the match were really only about three pairs.

Mark and Kev in peg 13 had got the spots rocking and banked 13 fish, including a 35lb 12oz and a 37lb 2oz to secure them 3rd and another BCAC Final position.

For Sean and Lee it was complete carnage. Between 5am and 12noon they banked a massive 19 fish pushing them into 1st spot ahead of Bob and Adam in 8 who hadn’t seen a fish since Saturday night.

Across the lake in peg 3 David Colclough and Andy Lennon were suddenly on the fish in numbers and like other pairs took full advantage banking 10 fish pushing them into 4th ,the last qualifying spot, easing Steve Blow and Jack Funnel out by 50lb.