Semi - 07/07/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 34 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock huge head of fish, estimated to be 10-15 30lb+ fish in the waters
  • Biggest Fish 40lb 12oz
  • Features numerous
  • Telephone 07885 327708
  • Visit Venue Website

Linear began the carp stocking of this water in 2005 and with the latest stocking from our own ponds we now estimate the carp stock to be over 1,800 fish. A high percentage of the fish stocked have been commons, fully scaled and linear scaled all of which are maturing rapidly and already Brasenose Two is starting to rival its sister lake Brasenose One as a runs-water. In recent years many more anglers began to enjoy some remarkable multiple captures and a high percentage of these fish included twenties.

Records now stand at 40.12lb for a mirror, 27lb for a common and 26.08llb for a ghost carp.


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Post Match Report

First out of the draw were Rob Burgess and Mark Cavaciuti who opted to go in peg 5, the left hand point, which is always a firm favourite. Second out were Thomas Duncan Dunlop and Michael Mack who headed into the bowl in peg 3. Again, a peg that normally produces lots of fish but recently maybe not so much. Third out Ryan Gardner and Andy knights went for another peg expected to fly, 14. Fourth out of the draw were former Champion Kevin Reynolds and new partner Mark Johnson. They also headed to the bowl end of the lake in peg 1.

Last year’s runners up, Liam Hodges and Dan Vallis had to wait until last to make their selection going for peg 12.

Unlike B1 several pairs got fish early with Simon Wheeler and Mark Sawyer in peg 7 getting off the mark first, swiftly followed by Paul Gordon and Vernon Kearl in 6 and Rob Burgess and Mark Cavaciuti in 5.

As we headed into the first night it was the same 7 pairs on the board. Team Bait Bucket’s Paul and Vernon leading the way with 5 fish and Rob and Mark in peg 5 sitting second. RAF Team members Jason Verney and Glenn Beardsall in peg 13 were 3rd and Andy Goodall and Dan Holiday in peg 4 in the fourth spot.

By the 7 o’clock update 3 more pairs had got off the mark, but with low numbers of fish caught no one felt out of it. Mark and Rob in 5 had just nosed themselves into the lead, while Liam and Dan in peg 11 had only just got off the mark.

As the morning continued fish were trickling out all over and the pack was constantly shuffling around. Another pair to get on the board were Kevin Clarke and Steven Sherwood in peg 2 with 3 quick fire fish.

By lunchtime on Saturday it was turning into a good day for Kevin and Steven in 2 as they were catching consistently and they would end the day in third place with 137lb.

Another pair that was catching regularly was Rob and Mark in 5 who would end the day on 233lb comfortably in first place.

The biggest movers of the day were Ryan Gardner and Andy Knights in peg 14. They came from nowhere to 2nd place with 152lb of fish in 6 hours.

It was Mark Johnson and Kevin Reynolds in peg 1 that were sitting in the 4th qualification spot as we headed into the second night.

As is often the way it was a bit crazy on Sunday morning.

Mark and Rob in peg 5 caught a further 4 fish to confirm their 1st spot and another trip to the finals for them.

Kevin and Steven were still holding onto 2nd, just, Liam and Dan in 12 who had had a great night to push them into 3rd just 5lb off 2nd.

Mark Renwick and Ben Hawes in peg 11 just couldn’t quite get their swim going and although being just off the top 4 all match could make an impression.

There was a flurry of fish in the last two hours that would shuffle the top four yet again. The fish turned up again in front of Ryan and Andy in 14 and 4 fish in last hour propelled them into second spot.

Dan and Liam eased ahead of Kevin and Steven in peg 2 to secure 3rd spot and Kevin and Steven had two last minute fish to see off the threat of Mark and Kevin in peg 1 and book their place in the Final.